Wear your part perfectly!

Fahion can be the ultimate ticket to a woman’s success.

A smart woman chooses carefully who she wants to be, and then she founds the discipline to support her choice.She is not a victim of her own preferences.She is not a victim of fashion magazines or fashion attitudes.If they don’t serve her purpose, then surely is not the right choice and she knows it!

In this case i’ referring to both Jackie Kennedy and Jackie Onassis.

Oh yeah i’m telling you. They are 2 completely different parts that Jackie delivered beautifully.

Jackie Kennedy was the first lady, therefore her fashion choices would be symbolic. She managed to meet the American’s people needs,which was optimism,encouragement, respect. Bright colors, clean straight lines,white pearls and she became everyone’s favorite. She managed to simple, very classy and appreciated.

One the other hand, Jackie Onassis was someone different. This was another part. The first lady’s part did not fit in Aristotle Onassis’ wife. This sweetheart renewed herself. The discreet Jackie, turned into this spontaneous woman that inspired freedom and effortless style.Huge black sunglasses, silk shirts, flat shoes, ballarinas,low slung belts, pants and so on. Of course it was the right choice of style for this part…

So who was Jackie really?

No one knows! What we do know, is that she knew very well to adjust herself no matter the circumastances, and perform her part as a genuine actress!




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