The Print dress or the…Bohemian!

When I put on a print dress, for a brief moment I think of an ethnic bazaar somewhere in India, or Morocco, full of impressive colorful textiles flowing through the air, ready to be bought and become someone’s unique style treasure!

Or I see myself, as a traveler, wearing a long print gypsy dress with a matching headscarf, heading for a Sahara trip longing  to get even with the unknown.

Probably the sense of freedom, that I daydream about is because I see the 1970s as an anti-bourgeois decade that revealed nomadic attitude, hippie or bohemian. This unconventional style is a statement for an unconventional lifestyle! Life’s wonderers and adventurers are characterized by their bohemian looks.

Print is multiethnic. It reveals cultures, and ideas, and art. The look becomes even more impressive by mixing it with tons of African jewelry! (or any ethnic or futuristic jewelry) As if the whole world becomes one, kind of a thing! All these 

color mixtures and prints, basically color the world. And the world needs color to look more optimistic. It needs color to fight all the grey of concrete that chokes our prospective.

Of course, adjusting the bohemian essence to the everyday urban culture can be quite tricky!!! Or not! A beautifully made print dress can be worn easily with the right choice of fabric and color. And naturally the hair could be more of a loose hair-do, instead of putting on an impressive headscarf. And by adding print dresses into your wardrobe can be a nice challenge for a wannabe fashionista. (Cause fashionistas been there done that). Print can be fashionable in all times, despite of the current must-have pieces. It survived since 1970s so, we have a winner!

First iconic print dress that comes to mind was when special fashion lady DVF (Diane Von Furstenberg) made her print wrap dress, and was photographed wearing it! And then the gipsy long dresses that Brigitte Bardot wore beautifully and…last but not least, naturally Thea Porter! The legendary British artist Thea Porter, the woman behind boho-chic. (I will write a special article just for her)

What I’m trying to say is, that print is your personal touch in your relationship with fashion. It is an initial step for you becoming someone that combines taste, and attitude, and originality! The third is most important! Discovering your inner voice is your duty !

Print on girl!



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