Please,can i get some some red carpet inspiration looks? Probably not!

Red carpet appearances are supposed to be inspirational!

They are supposed to make the new fashion statements of the next season to come. What i see in this video is anything but inspirational. I see no sparkle.I see no boldness with magin in it.I see no personal touch! I see the designers , i see the stylists, i see the make-up artists, i don’t see uniquness. Its boring. OK i will be fair to say that, i liked Chelsea Cane, she went floral in a lacey embroidered gown by Tony Ward.Still i didn’t like the hair , but i give her that! However, for me the dress itself is not enough.You need to add up style, and imagination, and the small tiny little detail that would actually make the difference between someone well dressed, and someone that knows how to stand out and become unforgetable!


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