Iconic Fashion moments ?

Fashion is our persomal statement to the world. We get to decide what we need to say about ourselves,and then choose what to wear.

For instanse, if i want others to think of me as a bohemic thinker, i certainly put on long floral skirts or dresses, beautiful headscarfs, long earrings..You can see fashion like your personal fairy godmother, able to transform you, in anything you wish ti become.!So, this video is about Iconic Moments in Fashion.

i m not sure i trully undestand what iconic means anymore.Surely the stars in this video managed to create a fuzz about their fashion choices.But iconic? I don’t know. It goes without saying, that i m a big fun of creativity and originality! Thats why i endlessly devoted to David Bowie, and Frida Khalo.

However, for me there is a long way between originality and “sceaming for attention”. I can’t imagine what got into Lady Gagas head, when she put on the famous meat dress.The activists should concider vocal attacks.Although i get Bjorks’ choice to go for the swan dress. She is a special artist with unique characteristics.So even though i m not crazy about the swan dress, i don’t hate it.Maybe it was pure symbolism. Or not.But it didn’t lack character for sure.. Elvis, wrote history with his outtfits.Maybe they are not my favourite but it surely matched his complex stage personality.Britney Spears, sold the sexy student style. Oh come on. Really? So, whats new? Nothing fancy or special.Ok she looked great in it, but would you call that appearance iconic? Noooooooo…. Cher! Oh well Cher is Cher! The one and only! She is the woman with the 100 faces.She is everything.However that see-through black dress, was recklessly chosen. Madonnas’ pink satin conical bra defenately makes an impression.Madonna is an experimental artist, and what she does onstage matches the specific appearnace. Do i love it? No. Do i remember it? Yes. So, choose. Do you want to be impressive or memorable?


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