How to spend smartly 100 Euro on Dresses


The ideal reality for a woman, is to be able to spend endlessly on clothes and shoes and make-up and jewelry…And our ideal closet is the one that Mr Big gave to Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City Movie 1. 

But that’s the ideal. The dream. For the rest of us the truth is this: In order to be nicely dressed and a highly respected fashionista we must be simply….smart!!!!
We make a list with the MUST-HAVE dresses for multiple occasions:

1.The all-day dress for the working lady.
This dress can be worn from the early morning meetings at the office to the late afternoon drinks. It must be charming but not too flashy, stylish but not loud, feminine but not sexy. So we go for easy lines, safe colors, midi and maxi lengths.

2.The all-day dress for the non-working lady.
This dress can be worn while taking care of your morning errands, a casual lunch, an afternoon coffee. It must be light and casual, easy to wear, easy to move, easy to style up with comfy shoes.

3.The evening dress for any occasion.
This dress could be super mini or super maxi, super sexy or not according your style, age, personality etc. Tons of varieties..

4.The date dress.
This dress better be carefully chosen! It΄s supposed to reveal the Goddess in you for your seductive dinners, or endless parties with your special plus one!

Ready to go now? Take the first step by combing smartly all categories by purchasing 3 dresses and add up in style!

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