Dress up for a special Date

Dress up for a special Date.

Fashion is our own statement to the world on who we are!

A special festive dinner date, is our chance to make the impression we crave for! It is a unique opportunity for the reinvention of ourselves!
But watch out! Sometimes we try harder and the result is not what we went for! So here are some tips for transforming into this woman that we ourselves admire!
Oh! It goes without saying, that on this date we put on a dress, cause nothing else is more feminine than a dress.

1.Don’t panic. Fashion is joy!

2.Try to find out where is this dinner taking place, so you know the dress code.

3.You need to be stunning but not too loud. A woman is always breathtaking when she looks like she is not trying too much..

4.Pick a color that you know for a fact that suits you. Maybe, for instance, you love sapphire green but gold or blue reveals your eyes or skin color better.

5.Pick the fabric carefully! A dress you might like, might has the wrong fabric for the occasion. Every occasion has its own fashion rules.

6.Pick the right line for your body type. If for example, you have long legs, go for a mini dress (not super mini, it usually seems desperate).

If you are one of these lucky ladies, that own these beautiful hourglass curves, you definitely go for a lovely velvet bodycon skinny dress.
Remember that you seek for the best version of yourself, so you don’t get to choose randomly what you like, based on some impulse.

7.Pick the right shoes. A classic stiletto will do perfectly! It is a safe stylish choice!
And of course stilettos help out your body posture while you move.A woman that knows how to move, is irresistibly charming..

8.Hair and make-up! Caution! If the color or the line of the dress is really loud go easy on the make-up. On the other hand, the hair is a different story. I personally prefer up dos for this special occasions. It is not a rule, but I love light updos or strict ponytail matching an evening dress. I feel it reveals a confident, not trying to much woman.

9.Pick the right jewelry. If you don’t have enough budget for jewelry, instead of putting on something that would ruin the whole appearance, go for one or none.

10.Now, attitude! If your dress to impress, you need the right attitude. Put on your best smile.
Be lovely to be around and easy to talk. Try not talk and eat at the same time. Do not laugh loudly. Don’t drink more than you cannot control.
Avoid gossiping, I’m sure you have more interesting things to talk about than talking about others.

Have a lovely date!

Maybe send me a lovely pic of you!

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