Becoming a fashion icon

Becoming a fashion icon

What is a fashion icon?

Or even better who is a fashion icon?

Oh well,all is debatable.

Fashion icons are invented everyday by the show business.A long chain of creative teams combining magazines,designers,movie producers, advertisers,pr specialists and so on and so on..Meaning that the whole thing is very well cooked and served to consumers.It is all for sale.A fashion icon factory..

Do you really believe that celebrities get to choose what to wear? Or invent their style? Especially at the beginning of their career? For example,Lady Gaga is a fine complete artist and one of the top 3 fashion icons in the world!I think even her haters admit that! ( actually recently I ve seen her acting and she really rocks there too). But-have u seen her before her creative team started making its magic and turning her style upside down? She was a normal brunette not knowing how to pose properly to photographers, wearing anything but extreme, or high fashion style.Today she is a femme fatal alien grotesque persona wearing the greatest designers! Her most favorite, the King of the runway the absolute eccentric,Alexander McQueen! She even owns The Haus of Gaga .Her creative team responsible for her memorable style..

Have you seen my dearest Amy Winehouse before “Back to Black” was released? After the album we very much enjoyed an amazing mixture of 50s style full of Polka dots mini dresses,sexy boost +British tamperament high mountain hair! And of course golden spot on these appearances the thick long eyeliner! An original soul diva! This diva that had nothing to do with the ordinary British girl that actually didn’t give damn about style and just loved to invent special tunes.

The examples are endless.Do your own research!I am just trying to make a point.

Fashion icon can become anyone with the sense of style.The most important thing is that you need to adore fashion.If you belong to the people that think that clothing is just fabric that we throw on our bodies, in order to avoid nudity for politically correct behavior,there is obviously no reason continue reading this article!

OH!U are still here!So u do adore fashion and u do like to be special! If u like to be special that means u love yourself!People that don’t love fashion, don’t love themselves( at least enough to be memorable). It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor.Style is like an inner force that leads the way.Everyday we watched rich people dressed up in ridiculous ways.Do not think too much.Be spontaneous!Have your own opinion.Do not follow the fashion demands.U have your own demands.U have your own needs.And goals.Set up your intentions!Do not be a fashion victim.Do not wear what other people wear.Be U!!!! Stand out!

Devil is in the details…

That’s right! U bet..

Lets say u put on a lovely midi floral dress for a summer afternoon ride.Maybe the the magic is a white 6 inches heels.Or no heels,effortless hair,almost no make but…a matte bright coral lipstick.Or if u want to spice up the look,add up a few gothic silver rings and dark manicure!

I m just brainstorming here!

My point is that u can become a fashion icon by being a little fearless.Do not mind to try on something different.Do not use the phrase “It Ont my style “. What style?Your style is reinvented everyday.Fool around with it!Some days u need to be casual,some others u want to be diva or lovable,so what?Do it!Just remember,whatever u do,just love what u see in the mirror! Ok ??
Do not hesitate to be DIFFERENT.
Fashion icons are..




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